Band Saw or Circular Saw?

Band Saw or Circular Saw?

HE&M Saw has been designing and manufacturing band saws for any need or application for more than 55 years. In recent years, we have added High-Speed Circular saws to our arsenal as some applications greatly benefit from selecting one over the other.

When a High Speed Circular Saw is Best

Most fabrication applications benefit from cutting with a band saw, particularly if miter cuts are required. Structural shapes with thin sections or thin walls and sawing bundled material are other examples when a band saw becomes the clear choice. However, when fast cycle times for high volume production, surface finish, or high tolerance accuracy and repeatability are required, our HE&M Saw High-Speed Carbide Saws win hands down. Furthermore, if reducing—even eliminating—secondary-machining requirements is desired; it endorses the decision even further.

The HE&M Saw High-Speed Carbide Saws have features that set them above others. The hard-plumbed hydraulic system means more consistency and more stable output to the hydraulic components. Automatic workpiece loading and automatic “Product Sorting” are standard features, with bundle loaders and offloaders offered to increase productivity further. A stroking outboard vise—standard on some models—provides for short material remnants to provide savings on material costs, and an optional “Ultra Cut” blade reduces the kerf to 2mm for further material savings.

With so many additional features offered on our High-Speed Carbide saw, our HE&M Saw sales representatives are ready to help solve your sawing needs and can determine if a high-speed HE&M Saw CNC Carbide Sawing Machine is the right saw for your business!