Customer Spotlight: PioneerIWS

Customer Spotlight: PioneerIWS

America Together – Supplying HE&M Saw parts to keep American Businesses Operating

On a recent Saturday, we received an SOS of sorts from PioneerIWS in Dalton, Ohio. Their 22 year-old Twister’s gearbox required replacement to continue manufacturing COVID-19 related hospital field cots. Now, we no longer manufacture the Twister so it would seem that having a gearbox in stock would be a long shot. However, here at HE&M Saw we prioritize being able to service all of our saw models so we maintain a large inventory of replacement parts for our older and discontinued saw models— including a certain gearbox. So we answered their request bright and early Monday morning and same day shipped the gearbox for which they seemed very grateful. As we like to say at HE&M Saw, there is no ocean between you and the HE&M Saw parts needed to keep your saw operating.

“The overnight delivery of a new gear box for our 22-year old Twister band saw was critical to the production flow of manufacturing thousands of Field Hospital Cots in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Eddie Wengerd, General Manager of PIONEER.

Photo: a 22 year old HE&M Saw Twister model Band Saw, in daily production.

Pioneer Equipment, like HE&M Saw, is an American owned company with more than 40 years of manufacturing history. Pioneer Equipment manufactures farming equipment such as horse-drawn plows and carriage gears, and then evolved into additionally providing industrial workflow solutions, custom steel fabrication, etc.

When the Covid-19 outbreak struck close to home for them with 2 of the Wengerd brothers having to quarantine after exposure at a trade show, the company decided to help the efforts to counter this pandemic. Therefore, Pioneer Equipment is currently manufacturing hospital field cots to counter the hospital bed shortage.

They retooled the manufacturing facility in two weeks to be able to mass produce the cots. Pioneer is able to produce 100 cots per hour, working with many of their local companies for fabrics and other materials required in generating this volume of cots.

HE&M Saw is proud to be able to provide a level of service to our customers that is unmatched in these challenging times. Together, we are #AmericaStrong.