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Success Stories

Chris Ross

HM Dunn Aerospace

St. Louis, MO

A quick note to update you on our V140HM-60. You know that we could have bought a much cheaper saw made somewhere in Asia, but instead we opted for the best quality machine available. I am SO GLAD that we went “first class”!! The saw has been running 5 days per week, approx. 15 hours a day. We’re cutting 10” thick blocks of 6AL-4V Titanium. With everything “dialed in”, the operation is SWEET. Smooth, quiet, straight. We’re running Lenox Carbide blades. They LAST AND LAST. Of course, how we treat the blade is key. We have a young man who is ON IT and we’ve been able to run a single blade for 10 days or more, with good results. That’s a whole lot of square inches per dollar. So here’s the deal: If you ever have a customer that is thinking about using a HEM Saw for cutting hard metals, have him give me a call. I’ll give him the straight scoop. The saw is everything it is advertised to be. Please share this note with the guys and gals who designed, fabricated, assembled, inspected, and delivered this machine. They should be proud of their work!
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