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Custom Sawing Applications

About Our Custom Applications

We engineer to application-specific requirements; and our engineers love a good challenge. If we don’t currently offer a standard product for your sawing or material handling problem, our engineers will work with your company to design a solution that fits your needs. By design, HE&M Saw has the flexibility to take standard models and convert them into custom equipment.

Hex Bundle Clamps

Clamp fixtures designed to tightly clamp hex shaped bundles on all sides. They are adjustable for bundles that are approximately 15″ to 21″. The hex fixtures are bolted onto the vise jaws and can be removed for standard vise use.

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Bundle Clamp Rebar Cutting System:

Special clamps are used for securely clamping “round” bundles of rebar. Typically the tolerance should be +/- 0.025” or greater on indexed lengths of 24” or less. These clamps are not removable and are suitable when the bundle-to-bundle size is consistent. The pictured application is on a vertical saw; but these clamps can be adapted to a horizontal saw.

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High Density Urethane "V" Roller(s)

Designed to keep the material centered and from rolling. They are a good choice when the horizontal datum (pass-through height) is not critical because the horizontal datum changes with various diameters.

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Bomb Cutting Saw

Designed with the ability to saw live explosive ordinance, a project with zero room for error. The control console was designed to be operated remotely 400 feet away. The machine was designed to minimize metal-on-metal contact to lower the risk of detonating volatile materials during the sawing operation. This required the design of special fasteners that would not collect the explosive materials and could potentially become projectiles during an explosion.

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Contour Alignment Roller(s)

Designed so that the material will always find its way to the bottom (center) of the roller(s) to stay in line with the horizontal datum.

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Special Coolant System

Designed to cut highly flammable materials such as zirconium by incorporating a high-pressure flood coolant system including larger diameter coolant lines and other components to minimize the chance for igniting flammable materials.

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