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Saw Categories

Horizontal Pivot Band Saws

Horizontal Pivot Saws are sometimes referred to as "scissor saws" due to the hinge-style design used for securing the arm to the saw base. They are the most common style for smaller material capacities and are found cutting in varied applications from machine shops to fabrication shops and even metal distributors.

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Vertical Band Saws

Vertical Band Saws have blades mounted vertically, top to bottom as opposed to horizontal band saws that have blades running side-to-side. There can be specific reasons for selecting a vertical saw over a horizontal saw such as the desire to cut opposing miters with a double-miter model or the ability to cut wide blocks of material with a stationary model.

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Dual Column Band Saws

Dual Column Band Saws are horizontally oriented, with the blade running side-to-side. They are a more rigid design than pivot-style saws. They are ideal for cutting harder or larger materials and some models can twist to cut angles or can be fixed for straight cuts. Our WF dual columns are designed specifically for cutting bundles or structural shapes like beams.

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Circular Saws

HE&M Circular Saws are built specifically for us, installed, warrantied, and serviced by us. They are automatic, high-speed saws with various models for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals and produce an excellent surface finish. Optional short-kerf feature leaves minimal remnants and saves on material cost. Servo driven head makes fast, square cuts with dynamic entry and exit for reduced burrs.

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Benchtop Band Saws

Benchtop Band Saws are a perfect choice for smaller parts. Fast, accurate, and reliable these saws make fast work of cutting small solids, structural shapes, and tubing. Built by craftsmen in Italy specifically for HE&M Saw they are serviceable and repairable with parts and technical support from HE&M Saw. With both portable and stationary models there are a range of options.

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Plate Saws

These specialty saws are used primarily for specialty sawing applications. If you need to strip large plates or have a need to make fixtures to make a unique cut, these are perfect saws. Saws can be configured so that either the head or material moves through the cutting zone.

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