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HE&M Eliminator Fluids

Eliminator Metalworking Fluids

Like many products, HE&M Eliminator Fluids rose from solving problems. Faced with warranty issues that were traced back to the metalworking fluids or “coolants” customers were using, management made a bold decision in 2003 to research and develop a line of metalworking fluids. Starting with a meager group of just four products; Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, Soluble, and Mist fluids, the line has grown to include a variety of products including gearbox oils and hydraulic oils.

Metalworking Fluid Categories

Coolants / Metalworking Fluids

HE&M Eliminator Metalworking Fluids contains a complete lineup of products for virtually any need or requirement. The Eliminator 100 and 200 series cutting fluids include ultra-premium blends in synthetic, semi-synthetic, and full soluble formulas as well as for spray mist systems.

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Specialty Cutting Fluids

The Eliminator also has several “specialty” blends designed for specific needs or requirements such as cold weather formula which has a low freeze point of -56ᵒ, a Hi-Speed cutting fluid, a fluid for drilling applications, and an un-dyed semi-synthetic.

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Coolant Tank / Sump Treatments

Coolant tanks and the machine fluid system including the lines and pump should be cleaned out regularly such as every 6 months. The HE&M Eliminator fluid line of products includes Eliminator 205, a coolant tank/sump cleaner that is easy to use and very effective. Other sump treatments include a defoaming agent and two biocides to correct and control foul tank odors.

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Rust Treatments

Rust and corrosion is an enemy of metals. Protect ferrous metals with Eliminator 106, a self-healing coating that will inhibit rust for many days and remove rust and corrosion by using Eliminator 206 which is a safe alternative to other rust removers because it is not acidic and 100% biodegradable.

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Anti-Weld Spatter

The Eliminator fluids product line has two anti-spatter products that makes welding cleaner by keeping the weld spatter from sticking to the surrounding material or nozzles and torch tips. The synthetic Eliminator 107 leaves very little residue behind. The Eliminator 207 leaves more rust protection and is a semi-synthetic.

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Oils / Lubricants

HE&M Eliminator oils and lubricants are high quality blends and many are included in our saws prior to shipping such as the Eliminator 217 PAG gear oil, 208 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil, and the Eliminator 211 gear oil is available for use in our older saw model gearboxes.

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HE&M Eliminator fluids line includes several miscellaneous products such as Eliminator 216 Hand Sanitizer which is formulated under FDA and WHO guidelines, a refractometer for checking metalworking fluid concentration and other items like Eliminator 214 which is a great general purpose cleaner.

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Fluid Accessories

Along with a complete line of metalworking fluids and an assortment of lubricants and oils, the HE&M Eliminator product line also includes accessories. The Hydromaster will automatically meter the desired concentration of cutting fluid from a 55 gallon drum, making adding or replacing fluid easy and accurate. The Refractometer is the most accurate way to determine the current cutting fluid concentration.

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