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Oils / Lubricants

About Our Oils & Lubricants

HE&M Eliminator oils and lubricants are high quality blends and many are included in our saws prior to shipping such as the Eliminator 217 PAG gear oil, 208 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil, and the Eliminator 211 gear oil is available for use in our older saw model gearboxes.

Oils / Lubricants

Eliminator 208 Hydraulic Oil

Eliminator 208 is an Ultra-Premium ISO 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil that is a multi-grade oil, maintaining its performance at high and low temperatures. It protects against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion and varnish. Suitable for use in all of HE&M Saw’s hydraulic industrial bandsaws and also is ideal for use in saw lubricators such as found on all HE&M Saw air-operated saw models.

Eliminator 209 Hydraulic Oil

Eliminator 209 is a Premium ISO 46 is a multi-grade hydraulic oil that protects against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion, and varnish. Eliminator 209 is designed for long-lasting use in the Double-Miter Saw series. It can be used as a ‘top-treat’ for systems already using ISO 46 hydraulic oil.

Eliminator 211 Synthetic Gear Oil

Eliminator 211 is designed for excellent performance in gearbox applications. It is suitable for high-temperature and/or very low environments. This blend offers superior lubrication and friction-reduction. Eliminator 211 offers rust and corrosion protection and low-speed/high torque wear protection. This makes it ideal for gearboxes due to its low fluid friction feature in the load zone of non-conforming surfaces like those found in gearboxes.

Eliminator 215 Slide and Way Oil

Eliminator is an ultra-premium lubricant designed to provide high load-carrying, long lasting performance. It provides a uniform coating on machine tool components and contains superior quality anti-friction agents and incudes corrosion prevention additives. It is suitable for horizontal slide-ways on small to medium-sized machine tools and provides protection against the deterioration of surfaces in aqueous coolant environments due to added “tackifier” which promotes adherence to the way surface. It prevents “slip-and-stick” sometimes associated with machine tools.

Eliminator 217 PAG Oil

Eliminator 217 is a premium polyalkylene glycol lubricant that provides excellent performance in gearboxes that exceed the capabilities of mineral oils. It has a high viscosity index and a low pour point which allow for a greater useable temperature range. It is designed for use in HE&M Saw gear reducers that have an expansion chamber and other equipment designed to use PAG oil in the drive systems. It is compatible with most seals used in gearboxes today.

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