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HE&M Saw has invested a great deal in technology, integrating new components, and improving existing features and systems in our product line. This effort redefines how some customers grow or exist within their marketplace.

Smart Saw® Consoles

"Developing more intelligent pieces of equipment for the metal-cutting industry."

HE&M Saw’s new and enhanced Smart Saw® controls and Smart Saw Connect® improve process flow and interaction with the equipment.

In addition, this new control platform is compatible with MTConnect®. MTConnect® allows all machine tools and systems to speak a common scalable language. The ability to obtain real-time data on machine performance also aids in determining the operator’s performance and allows management to oversee what is happening with the machine and its operation. “Applications that consume MTConnect® data provide more efficient operations, improved production optimization, and increased productivity” - MTConnect® Institute.

HE&M Saw has invested in newer technology and integrated these advancements into our controls and systems. As a result, sensors and software are helping keep track of maintenance items and diagnosing issues faster, saving and optimizing labor resources to give our customers better return on investment (ROI).

Technology Smart Saw Console

Smart Saw® Controls Benefits

  • 9" Omron Touch Screen Controls – that allows the operator to easily set up and run various cutting jobs.
  • Servo Controlled Traverse (SCT) to control the position, force and fall rate of the saw arm precisely. – optional feature depending on model.
  • Production Monitoring with MTConnect® to see how many saw cuts are being made over a specific period of time, how many parts being put out in total, how quickly the parts are being produced. Also can determine what and where bottlenecks are and how you improve your efficiency.
  • Maintenance Reminders such as predicting and communicating when it’s time for service.
  • Error Messages & Monitoring Safety such as if a blade breaks, or a component of the machine malfunctions, an alert can be sent to management, giving them the information they need to address the problem promptly to avoid further downtime losses.
  • Advanced Safety Features Such as the Auto Idle feature that reduces blade speeds while the saw is not cutting. This reduces the chance for an operator suffering a more damaging accidental injury.
  • Remote Diagnostics to access the machine to remotely diagnose the issue with the customer, improving the repair time while reducing the time and response with a service technician. – optional feature.

“Intelligence that creates a safer piece of equipment while primarily moving our equipment design further along into the realm of Industry 4.0 and industry expectations for the future, with increased data-driven feedback.”

Sawing Technology Patents

“More Patents to Make More Profits for Our Customers”

HE&M Saw, being an engineering company first, has been a leader in new band saw technology while setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other American band saw manufacturer in the world.

Here are a few examples of how HE&M Saw is constantly innovating the sawing industry with new enhancements:

Cut Watcher® / Active "Cut Watcher"®

The patented Cut Watcher® system monitors the cutting for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system will shut down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. A recent upgrade to the Cut Watcher® improves the passive form by actively counteracting a dulling blade with dynamic band tensioning to keep the saw blade cutting straight while extending blade life.

Technology Cut Watcher Screenshot

Blade Enhancer

The Blade Enhancer provides a “rocking” motion to the blade, similar to sawing a log using a ‘see-saw’ motion with a hand saw. This unique pressure control reduces the surface area contacting the teeth, concentrating force on fewer teeth to reduce sawing time, increase blade life, and improve the sawing process when cutting the more demanding materials such as exotics and tool steels.

Blade Saver

When cutting bundles and other oddly shaped materials, “blade snag” problems can be caused by the back of the blade hanging up on the material when the saw arm retracts, which can cause the saw blade to be pulled out of the blade guides.

The Blade Saver, available on automatic vertical machines, reduces wear and tear on the blade when retracting through a cut by hesitating for a moment while the saw head creates clearance for the material. Once the blade is clear of the material, the feed vise will push the cut parts forward about 1” and then pull the raw material back about 1”. This operation leaves a much more significant gap between the material and the cut parts so the blade can retract without snagging.

Use of Robotics

HE&M Saw has recently incorporated the use of robotics, utilizing the advanced manufacturing technology in creating our products, which allows for larger part runs that are more consistent and precise.

Technology Robotics Use

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