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Horizontal Pivot Band Saws

Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Configurations

Non-Miter Horizontal Pivot Saws

Horizontal Pivot Saws are based on the earliest HE&M Saw models. Used for a variety of applications from small structural shapes, small solids, and even small bundles if fitted with the correct features. CNC machine shops find these models particularly effective when cutting multiple shorter-length parts. Adjustable clamping pressure is standard so solids and thinner-wall tubing are easily sawed accurately and efficiently. These models are ideal for cutting a variety of smaller solids & shapes.

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Single-Miter Saws

The Horizontal Pivot Single Miter saw series offers a range of choices. From small part-cutting with a 3 HP Blade Motor and 1" blade model Sidewinder, a 7.5 HP Blade Motor powering a 1-1/4” blade on the Cyclone, to the 1-1/2” blade 10HP Hurricane. A variety of controls are also available from a semi-automatic version to the PLC-driven touch screen control on the Hurricane 2030A that includes programmable mitering from 0 to 60 degrees.

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Horizontal Double-Miter Saws

The Horizontal Pivot - Double Miter series saws are smaller band saws and more cost effective than other larger alternatives. Made for HE&M Saw by a close partner in Italy, these double miter saws are not gravity-fed machines, but use a patented hydraulic system for adjusting cutting rate and cutting pressure. Movable control consoles and flood coolant systems come standard. The three models have round capacities of 8.7”, 10.8”, and 13” at 90 degrees.

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