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Dual Column Band Saws

Dual Column Band Saw Configurations

Non-Miter Dual Column Saws

When you are cutting solid materials or large diameter materials, you need the rigidity of a true dual column band saw. Our saw design offers true dual column support. Our standard saws range in capacity from (20″ to 60″) high to (20″ to 53″) wide. Custom application needs can be handled by our in-house engineering team. Saws include controls utilizing the latest touch-screen technology and offer a wide range of options for various cutting applications.

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Wide Flange/Bundle Saws

HE&M Saw’s WF (Wide Flange) series was designed specifically for cutting structural shapes and bundles. The design has been proven highly successful in sawing these materials by fabricators, mills, and service centers for many years. A variety of capacities are available with either semi-automatic or fully automatic controls and touch screen PLC input interface complete with both job and material libraries.

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Dual Column Double-Miter Saws

HE&M Saw offers a dual column double-miter saw model, the WF190MRB-DC, that is designed after our non-mitering Wide Flange saw series except built on a rotating base. The saw includes a canted blade which is designed to facilitate smoother blade entry and exit, better blade-tooth loading throughout the cut, while also aiding in relieving stresses in beams, reducing blade pinching problems. The saw head miters 45ᵒ in one direction and 60ᵒ in the other. A 15 HP blade motor powers a 2” wide blade and vises on both sides of the blade rotate with the saw, supporting material.

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