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Coolant Tank / Sump Treatments

About Our Coolant Tank & Sump Treatment Fluids

Coolant tanks and the machine fluid system including the lines and pump should be cleaned out regularly such as every 6 months. The HE&M Eliminator fluid line of products includes Eliminator 205, a coolant tank/sump cleaner that is easy to use and very effective. Other sump treatments include a defoaming agent and two biocides to correct and control foul tank odors.

Coolant Tank / Sump Treatments

Eliminator 205 Sump Cleaner

Eliminator 205 Sump Cleaner dissolves hard water soaps and other residues. It kills the bacteria that create foul rancid smells in coolant sump tank. It is strongly recommended to use at least once every 6 months as part of basic machine maintenance. It is compatible with synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble oil fluids. Simply add to old coolant and allow circulating through the machine and lines for 12 to 24 hours during regular production activities. Flush sump and lines with water until clear before recharging with new coolant.

Eliminator 114 Coolant Tank Defoamer

Occasionally surface foam will develop in coolant tanks. Eliminator 114 is a concentrated defoamer additive suited for all types of metalworking fluid applications and fluids; synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble oils. It is effective to stop surface foam fast! It has a low odor and non-hazardous formula. Extremely concentrated, it usually only requires 1 ounce per 100 gallons which means for a 20 gallon coolant sump only requires one-fifth of an ounce so it can be added to the tank very gradually More can be added if required. Eliminator 114 is low odor, safe for all metals, and is operator friendly.

Eliminator 112 Biocide Coolant Sump Treatment

Eliminator 112 Biocide is a sump tank additive that when added to the coolant tank will kill any bacteria present that would create foul odors, removing rancid coolant tank odors. It is compatible with synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble oil cutting fluids. Only requires about 6 ounces for 20 gallons of mixed cutting fluid.

Eliminator 113 Biocide Plus Coolant Sump Treatment

Eliminator 113 is the same formula as Eliminator 112 with but increased alkalinity so is a better choice when coolant sump tank has severe bacterial issues and odors which often occur when a saw sits idle over a long holiday weekend. Rejuvenates and maintains coolant and active maintains coolant longer than other biocides.

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