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Anti-Weld Spatter

About Our Anti-Weld Spatter Fluids

The Eliminator fluids product line has two anti-spatter products that makes welding cleaner by keeping the weld spatter from sticking to the surrounding material or nozzles and torch tips. The synthetic Eliminator 107 leaves very little residue behind. The Eliminator 207 leaves more rust protection and is a semi-synthetic.

Anti-Weld Spatter

Eliminator 107 Anti-Spatter Synthetic

Eliminator 107 Anti-Spatter provides excellent protection against weld spatter adhesion to nozzles, torch tips, work fixtures, and material surfaces. Full synthetic water based formula. No hazardous ingredients. It does not irritate operator’s hands and reduces production costs by eliminating clean-up of weld-spatter. Parts can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped. It keeps welding surfaces cooler so helps to lessen the chance for warping. It is a “weld-enhancer” and creates a hotter, cleaner weld therefore lowers weld porosity.

Eliminator 207 Anti-Spatter Semi-Synthetic

Eliminator 207 is a water-based formula designed to provide excellent protection against weld spatter and can be used on all ferrous metals. It leaves a light lubricant layer for protection in multi-pass welding processes and due to the oil content provides some protection against surface rust. It does not contain any solvents or silicone and can be removed using water, alcohol, or a mild cleaner such as Eliminator 214 Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It is also suitable for use with robotic torches or plasma tables.

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