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Rust Treatments

About Our Rust Treatment Fluids

Rust and corrosion is an enemy of metals. Protect ferrous metals with Eliminator 106, a self-healing coating that will inhibit rust for many days and remove rust and corrosion by using Eliminator 206 which is a safe alternative to other rust removers because it is not acidic and 100% biodegradable.

Rust Treatments

Eliminator 106 Rust Inhibitor

Eliminator 106 is a non-soluble product that is not diluted and is used for the prevention of corrosion on ferrous metals and critical production parts that must maintain a very strict tolerance. It may be used for indoor or outdoor protection. Rust protection lasts up to one year indoors. It is safe to use on all metals and will not etch or stain. It is a self-healing formula so parts dropped into bins will retain coverage. When the surface of treated parts is scratched or nicked, the coating will heal back together over work surface. It can be cleaned off with a good alkaline cleaner like Eliminator 214 or a solvent. Can be welded over and can applied by dipping, spraying, rolled, or brushed onto the surface of metal.

Eliminator 206 Rust Remover

Eliminator 206 is specially formulated to be non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable. Not harsh or acidic, is pH neutral, and it can be used on all metals. It produces results fast by dipping parts. Works well on ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper. Unbelievable results!

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