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Specialty Cutting Fluids

About Our Specialty Cutting Fluids

The Eliminator also has several “specialty” blends designed for specific needs or requirements such as cold weather formula which has a low freeze point of -56ᵒ, a Hi-Speed cutting fluid, a fluid for drilling applications, and an un-dyed semi-synthetic.

Specialty Cutting Fluids

Eliminator 108 Super Cut Metalworking Fluid

Eliminator 108 Super Cut is an un-dyed semi-synthetic that contains an advanced additive package to reduce Friction, Heat, and Wear (FHW Technology). It is formulated to provide resistance to bacteria growth and corrosion protection. Does not stain and is safe for all metals. Eliminator 108 can be diluted up to 20 parts water to 1 part fluid. Provides excellent tool life and because it is a semi-synthetic has the qualities associated with synthetics like heat reduction and provides more lubricity due to the addition of oil.

Eliminator 111 Turbo Drill Synthetic

Eliminator 111 Turbo Drill is a 100% Ultra Synthetic formula specially formulated for drilling applications but can also be used for normal sawing. It provides corrosion protection, leaves little or no residue, and is non-staining. It enhances tool life and is safe for all metals. Turbo Drill can be used as normal sawing fluid and does not contain Silicone, Chorine, Sulfur, Phenols, or Halogens and is safe for all metals. The non-staining synthetic formula provides good corrosion protection.

Eliminator 132 Low Temperature Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

Eliminator 132 is a 100% synthetic cutting fluid that is rated as low as -56ᵒ F and can be used in all machining operations where synthetic fluid is desired and low temperatures occur. It is safe for all metals. It provides resistance to bacteria growth and provides some protection against corrosion. Prevents jelling and freezing in coolant lines. It is formulated for the coldest winter climates.

Eliminator 210 High Speed Cutting Fluid

Eliminator 210 is specifically formulated to use undiluted with a high flash point to provide excellent lubricity and film strength to withstand the requirements of high-speed cutting of ferrous metals. It has reduced smoke and misting qualities and has no hazardous volatile compounds. It is blended to reduce Health, Safety, and Environment issues and is operator friendly. Because it contains sulfurized Extreme Pressure additives it is not recommended for some grades of aluminum or “yellow” metals such as copper and brass due to the potential for staining. It is excellent for Swiss Screw Machines, honing, turning, and spray-mist cutting.

Eliminator 212 Exotics Plus

Eliminator 212 is a specially blended oil-rejecting synthetic cutting fluid for cutting and machining exotic metals. Its bio-stable formula maintains pH levels longer, discouraging bacteria growth that cause foul odors in the coolant sump tank, has low-foaming characteristics, and is stable in hard water. Using a base of 40% synthetic oil, not mineral oil, it is geared towards harder to machine metal alloys like stainless and exotic metals like Inconel and Titanium. It has increased film strength to provide longer tool life and provides excellent corrosion protection. Perfect for milling, turning, drilling, grinding, reaming, sawing, tapping, and light duty broaching.

Eliminator 213 Hybrid Semi-Synthetic

Eliminator 213 is a semi-synthetic hybrid created to replace full soluble oil fluids and is formulated to maintain pH levels to discourage the growth of the bacteria that creates the foul sump odors. The small particle size in the formula provides for better dispersion and excellent protection against corrosion. Superior detergency helps keep machine surface cleaner. It has exceptional film strength for better tool coverage increasing tool life. Great for use in milling, drilling, turning, reaming, light duty broaching, tapping, grinding, and sawing.

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