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Fluid Accessories

About Our Fluid Accessories

Along with a complete line of metalworking fluids and an assortment of lubricants and oils, the HE&M Eliminator product line also includes accessories. The Hydromaster will automatically meter the desired concentration of cutting fluid from a 55 gallon drum, making adding or replacing fluid easy and accurate. The Refractometer is the most accurate way to determine the current cutting fluid concentration.

Fluid Accessories

701 Refractometer

The accurate way to determine metalworking concentration is the proper use of a refractometer. Using a measurement scale known as the “Brix” scale, the process is accurate, fast, and easy. The correct reading for a range of concentrations is displayed on each flyer for our Eliminator metalworking products that are diluted for use. Its use prevents wasting fluids by using more than is needed for the desired concentration while assuring proper mix for accurate metalworking.

806 Hydromaster

The Hdyromaster unit is designed to allow easy mixing of products from a drum to a smaller jug or bucket for filling or refilling sump tanks. Mixing my hand is either time consuming or inaccurate. Using improperly mixed metalworking fluids is wasteful of fluid and tooling if using improper concentration. Replace the guessing or time-consuming mixing process with an accurate and dependable dilution measurement system.

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