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Benchtop Band Saws

Product Description

The 782XLH is a versatile benchtop band saw and will cut in the upright position with an optional “work table”, will miter up to 45ᵒ in one direction in the horizontal position, and includes a hard-stop to cut multiple same-length parts. A two-speed motor powers a ¼” blade.

Technical Highlights

  • Main Capacity: 0-3.9" W x 0-3.3" H
  • Bar-feed: N/A
  • Blade: 4' 4" L x .5" H x .025"
  • Motor: 1.3 HP
  • Hydraulic Motor: N/A
  • Operation: Manual

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Machine Information

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  Benchtop Band Saws: 782XLH
Rectangular Capacity 0-3.9" W x 0-3.3" H
Square Capacity 0-3.3" (Square)
Round Capacity 0-4.1" (Diameter)
Bar-feed N/A
Motor 1.3 HP
Hydraulic Motor N/A
Operation Type Manual
Power Source Electric
Weight 35
Blade Type Bandsaw
Blade Size 4' 4" L x .5" H x .025"
Bandsaw Blade Speed N/A
Bundle Cut? No
Benchtop Band Saws: 782XLH
  • One-Way 45° Miter
  • 2-Speed, 197 FT/MIN / 262.5 FT/MIN
  • Vise - Manual
  • Manual Pull-Down
  • Manual Miter
  • Easy Blade Tensioning
  • Adjustable 19.6" Stop
  • Dry Cutting
  • 115V Electrical Motor Requirement
Benchtop Band Saws: 782XLH
  • Work Table (Allows Saw to be Used as a Vertical Saw)
  • Gonimeter
  • Jobby Stand
  Document Name
slideshow 782XLH & ABS-105 Armature Commutator Cleaning View
slideshow 782XLH & ABS-105 Handle Replacement View
slideshow 782XLH & ABS-105 Trigger Switch Replacement View
slideshow 782XLH Blade Installation View
slideshow 782XLH Unboxing and Setup View
slideshow Benchtop Saw Motor Continuity Check View
description 782XLH Drawings 2-26-18 View
description 782XL 782XLH ABS-105 Arm Handle Replacement View
description 782XL 782XLH ABS-105 Blade Change View
description 782XL 782XLH ABS-105 Trigger Switch Replacement View
description 782XL 782XLH ABS-105 Armature Cleaning View


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HE&M 782XLH Band Saw Features

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