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Circular Saws

Product Description

The KTC-150NFC automatic carbide sawing machine cuts non-ferrous materials. The saw head is servo-motor driven and the hydraulics are hard-plumbed for consistent operation. Automatic workpiece loading and part sorting are standard features. The stroking outboard vise provides short remnants, horizontal and vertical vises are included. Options are available.

Technical Highlights

  • Main Capacity: 0-6" (Diameter)
  • Bar-feed: N/A
  • Blade:
  • Motor: 20 HP
  • Hydraulic Motor: 5 HP
  • Operation: Automatic

Machine Information

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  Circular Saws: KTC-150NFC
Rectangular Capacity
Square Capacity 0-4.724" (Square)
Round Capacity 0-6" (Diameter)
Bar-feed N/A
Motor 20 HP
Hydraulic Motor 5 HP
Operation Type Automatic
Power Source Hydraulic
Weight N/A
Blade Type Circular
Primary Circular Blade 480mm Diameter --- [4952-15844 RPM ]
Bundle Cut? No
Circular Saws: KTC-150NFC
  • Uses TCT Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 480 x 2.7t mm
  • Blade Feed Slope Type
  • Compact PLC Control & Inverter
  • Touch Screen Feature for Setting Machine & Cut Functions
  • Saw Blade Feed Driven by Servo Motor
  • Hard-Plumbed Hydraulic System
  • Vise - Hydraulic Horizontal & Vertical Main
  • Stroking Front "Outboard" Vise (Reduces Remnant Lengths)
  • 20' Standard Loader - Automatic Workpiece Loading
  • Automatic Product Sorting
  • Work Piece Positioning
  • Precision Spindle
  • Magnetic Power Brake and Fan
  • Blade Brush
  • Large Vacuum Dust Collector
  • Chip Removal - Air Gun
  • Built-In Coolant System w/ Flood & Mist
  • 208-240V, 50/60hz, 3-Phase
Circular Saws: KTC-150NFC
  • 10' Standard Loader Extention (up to 60' total)
  • 20' Bundle Loader
  • 10' Bundle Loader Extention (up to 60' total)
  • Unloading Device
  • Sliding Aid
  • Mist Collection System
  Document Name
description KTC-150NFC Footprint Standard Loader View

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