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Circular Saws

Product Description

The 70EH carbide sawing machine is controlled with a PLC and touch screen interface for settings and cutting functions. The hydraulics are hard-plumbed for more consistent operation. Hydraulic horizontal and vertical main vise and stroking outboard vise are standard features. Options include a 20’ bundle loader and more.

Technical Highlights

  • Main Capacity: 0.315-3.346" (Diameter)
  • Bar-feed: N/A
  • Blade:
  • Motor: 15 HP
  • Hydraulic Motor: 3 HP
  • Operation: Automatic

Machine Information

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  Circular Saws: KTC-70EH
Rectangular Capacity
Square Capacity 0.315-2.559" (Square)
Round Capacity 0.315-3.346" (Diameter)
Bar-feed N/A
Motor 15 HP
Hydraulic Motor 3 HP
Operation Type Automatic
Power Source Hydraulic
Weight N/A
Blade Type Circular
Primary Circular Blade TCT Carbide Tipped---285mm Diameter --- [50-588 RPM ]
Optional Circular Blade (1) TCT Carbide Tipped---315mm Diameter --- [56-650 RPM ]
Optional Circular Blade (2) TCT Carbide Tipped---325mm Diameter --- [57-671 RPM ]
Bundle Cut? No
Circular Saws: KTC-70EH
  • Uses TCT Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 285 x 2.0t / 315 x 2.25t mm
  • Option to Use HSS High-Speed Steel Saw Blade 325 x 2.0t-3.0t mm
  • Blade Feed Pivot Type
  • Compact PLC Control & Inverter
  • Touch Screen Feature for Setting Machine & Cut Functions
  • Saw Blade Feed Driven by Servo Motor
  • Hard-Plumbed Hydraulic System
  • Vise - Hydraulic Horizontal & Vertical Main
  • Stroking Front "Outboard" Vise (Reduces Remnant Lengths)
  • 20' Standard Loader - Automatic Workpiece Loading
  • Automatic Product Sorting
  • Work Piece Positioning
  • Precision Spindle
  • Variable Blade Speed
  • Magnetic Power Brake and Fan
  • Blade Brush
  • Chip Removal - Air Gun & Auger Type Chip Conveyor
  • Built-In Coolant System w/ Flood & Mist
  • 208-240V, 50/60hz, 3-Phase
Circular Saws: KTC-70EH
  • 10' Standard Loader Extention (up to 60' total)
  • 20' Bundle Loader
  • 10' Bundle Loader Extention (up to 60' total)
  • Unloading Device
  • Sliding Aid
  • Mist Collection System
  Document Name
description KTC-70EH Footprint Standard Loader View
description KTC-70EH Footprint Optional Bundle Loader View


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