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HE&M Saw’s President / CEO Doug Harris and various HE&M employees have a passion for auto racing which has led us to sponsor a variety racing teams and other automotive endeavors throughout the years.

HE&M Saw’s first racing sponsorships started in the late 90s with former World of Outlaws sprint car drivers Daryn Pittman and “The Brownsburg Bullet” Joey Saldana. Saldana has been a mainstay with HE&M in racing with over 20 years of history, and thru those years Joey has driven for many teams. Joey Saldana is 6th all-time in career World of Outlaws wins, with over 100 victories. HE&M Saw has been proud to have been on board for it all.

Daryn Pittman:

Joey Saldana:

In 2008, HE&M Saw was the main sponsor for Tracy Readinger’s USAC National Midget sprint car team.

In 2105-2016 HE&M Saw sponsored Split Racing’s 1963 Chevy Pro Mod car in the NHRA/PDRA drag racing series.

The Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa’s Chili Bowl Nationals, Port City Raceway, and the POWRi National Midgets are all racing tracks, series or races that HE&M Saw has had partnerships with over the years.

For the racing industry, HE&M Saw’s benchtop band saws are perfect for cutting roll cages, mufflers and various other components that go in to building a race car. The benchtop saws are portable, which is an added bonus since they can be used around the shop and taken to the race track.

HE&M Saw has been a regular on Sam’s GarageTV, formerly hosted by Sam Memmolo and currently hosted by Sam Mahdavi. Sam’s GarageTV is currently featured on MotorTrendTV, MAVTV & REV’N networks and is produced by PowerScope Productions, Inc. In 2019, HE&M President / CEO Doug Harris became a cast member of the show for the “Project Hudson Hornet” when they restored HE&M Saw’s founder Gerald Harris’ 1954 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe. Doug continued being a cast member on the show for the following two seasons when they restored his own Alpha One, a reproduction Ferrari GTO, and then this past season and next season building a Resto-Mod style 1957 Thunderbird.

Motorhead Garage, My Classic Car, Two Guys Garage, Outcast Kustomsand Chop Cut Rebuild are a few of the other shows that HE&M Saw has also been featured on.

Doug Harris became involved in auto racing as a mere child, just 16 years old when he started racing his MG, the front clip of which ‘might’ have been heavily filled with Bondo, in Autocross events. Funny story; Doug and lifelong friend, Paul Beha, who is now Products Manager for HE&M Saw, showed up for an autocross event, their first, with their motorcycle helmets strapped to the roll bar. Being 16 and having zero experience, they assigned the car a lap time and had written it in shoe polish on the windshield. As the story goes, the race announcer stated over the PA system that, “Mr. Harris must have been drag racing last night, as he still has his times on the windshield”.

Well, that was a lesson learned and soon after that, he progressed up to running a Lotus Europa in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) sanctioned road races and rallies and in 1984 was E-Production Track Champion at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, just west of Tulsa, OK.

Until the late ‘80’s-early ‘90’s, he ran his Lotus and Alpha Romeo in road races all over Colorado, where he was living at the time, until he and wife Mary, decided maybe it was time to stop dragging their kids to every race track around.

Seems that ‘retirement’ only lasted a few years and by the middle ‘90’s Doug was back to racing again. By then he and his family had moved to Oklahoma, to be more involved with the company his father founded, and racing was back in the picture. And just about every June, you can find Doug Harris, out at Hallett Racing Circuit, participating in the road course events of the Mid-America Ford/Team Shelby Meet, held every Father’s Day weekend, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Joey Saldana at Salina Highbanks

Split Racing Video

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