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Sam’s Garage Update

October 8, 2021

– HE&M Saw President & CEO, Doug Harris and Host, Sam Mahdavi, are back to finish the Alpha One GTO project for 2021!

It’s all coming together for this installment of the project so be sure to watch, or set your DVR for Sam’s Garage on MotorTrend TV Saturdays @ 9:00 am EST. See it all this season, on Sam’s Garage, featured on MotorTrend TV, MAVTV & Rev’n. Produced by Powerscope Productions, Inc..

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April 21, 2021

Alpha One GTO

– Sam’s Garage Update! – HE&M Saw President & CEO, Doug Harris and Host, Sam Mahdavi, are back with a new project for 2021! In this Season of Sam’s Garage, they will complete a build on a rare Alpha One 250 GTO. This is a Ferrari 250 GTO replica, and will be powered by a high performance 302 Ford motor, once owned by Doug Harris’ brother, Bill Harris. Some might say this is a new spin on Ford vs. Ferrari. As for coupling a Ford motor with a Ferrari replica car, Doug says “If you can’t beat them, join them” – a little car humor, for those that know the history between Ford and Ferrari racing at LeMans during the 1960s.

Employee Spotlight !!! – Jade Blevins

We would like to spotlight HE&M Saw employee Mrs. Jade Blevins. Jade works in our electrical department and has been a company favorite since she started in 2012. Jade graduated from Locust Grove High School and obtained her Electrical certification through the Northeastern Technology Center. Don’t let her size fool you, Jade plays a HUGE role in the HE&M Saw family. One of Jade’s proudest moments at work included her efforts on the Bomb Saw, a saw used by the U.S. Military to cut bombs. This particular saw was very unique and required custom electrical work. Jade also takes pride in training someone new and seeing how excited they are when their saw makes it through the test. These moments require an abundance of patience, attention to detail, and hard work.

If you do some 4 wheeling, fishing, shooting tannerite, photography, guitar playing, and then throw in a little Led Zeppelin and a bonfire, you’ll have a Jade Blevins weekend. Sign us up !!! Jade and her husband have an adorable fur baby named Smokey; and just like Jade, he can light up a room when entered. Everyone seems to notice her hair, and we can’t imagine why. Let’s just say 3 feet long, and she wears it well.

Throughout her time here at HE&M Saw, Jade said that some of the best career lessons she has learned is stay busy, remain positive, work as a team, and do your best! We agree!

Her willingness to take on challenges and leadership amongst the team truly makes her a company spotlight every day! Jade is a valuable member of the HE&M Saw team and we look forward to watching her continue to excel and whatever she does next on her HE&M Saw journey.



Gerald R Harris

It is with heavy hearts that we at HE&M Saw have to report that our beloved founder, Gerald R. Harris, has passed away on February 2, 2021, after a brief battle with cancer. He was surrounded by family and was at peace.

Gerald was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 6, 1931 before moving to California in 1944. He met Francesca “Connie” Rodriguez in 1951 and was united in marriage with her in 1952. They shared 69 years of marriage; where they were blessed with 3 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Gerald started what would become Harris Engineering & Manufacturing (HE&M Saw) in his garage in Livermore, California in 1964 making feed tables for band saws. He had always held an interest for technical and engineered studies and was determined to make his own saws; in so doing he revolutionized early industrial band saws through his many patents and inventions. The Harris family moved to Pryor, Oklahoma in 1976 and began building the business into the household name for industrial band saws that we are today.

In lieu of Flowers, the Harris family kindly requests that you donate to The American Cancer Society or the The Alzheimer’s Association.

Employee Spotlight !!! – Phred Spodnick

What do you call a dedicated employee and expert machinist, who is also a husband, father, first responder, and a volunteer assistant-fire chief? At HE&M Saw, we call this a Phred Spodnick. When it comes to complex machining, on our largest Bridge CNC machine, Phred is the HE&M Saw “go-to” machinist. Phred has been with HE&M Saw for 12 years and has been CNC machining for over 20 years. Phred is also an EMT and helped set up the emergency medical response processes at our machining facility. He is the resident first responder for any medical issues at HE&M Saw. He enjoys his job, because of its challenges, which include machining unique components such as saw arms and tabletops, as part of the larger custom saws we offer at HE&M Saw. Phred’s work motto is “Do Your Best, Everyday”.

Phred’s high school sweetheart/ wife, Tonya, works in HE&M Saw’s electrical department and together they have two boys. In his free time, Phred enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping. While on a camping trip, he even saved the family once from a pack of hungry raccoons!

Dedicated, determined, and diligent. This is how Phred’s coworkers describe him and we couldn’t agree more!

At HE&M Saw we appreciate your commitment and dependability! Keep up the great work!


Employee Spotlight !!! – Brian Johnson

HE&M Saw would like to spotlight and recognize Brian Johnson this month. Brian has worked at HE&M Saw for nearly 40 years! Brian’s Father worked in HE&M Saw’s Electrical department, and Brian began his HE&M saw journey working in the maintenance department during the summer of 1982, while attending High School. Aside from being a great employee, Brian is quite the character and well known for many things, including his Halloween costumes, his rock star hair, and his humor!

One of his lifelong work pals, Ronnie Crabtree, had this to say about Brian “I remember working the late night shifts with Brian back in the day! We shared many laughs and harmless pranks! Brian takes his time to make sure the job is done right and he is one of the best welders we have!”


During his free time, Brian enjoys swimming at the creek, going on vacations, camping, and spending time with the love of his life, Helen! Helen describes Brian as kind, responsible, and giving. Brian is also a big fan of action movies, and the more action, the less likely he is to fall asleep in his recliner! Brian also enjoys spending time with his two children and three grandchildren.

Brian has worked in several HE&M Saw departments, and he currently works in our fabrication area, building the larger, and more complicated band saw components. Brian has been a “go to guy” for many years. His work motto is simple; “No Mistakes!” This mindset inspires Brian to rise to challenges and work hard until the job is done. Brian is truly a team player and an asset to the team here at HE&M Saw! Thank you for nearly 40 years of service and we hope to see your smiling face and curly hair for many years to come!


The Storehouse – Charity Spotlight

The NORTHSTAR Church Food Program, also known as The Storehouse, is located in Pryor, OK and is managed by the assistant pastor, Dustin Evans and his wife Megan. The Storehouse’s recent efforts in support of the COVID-19 pandemic struggles are to be commended.

The Storehouse program began several years ago. The program has increased in size substantially over the past two years; initially feeding approximately 7 families per day, then 50 families per day, and with onset of COVID-19, they are currently feeding 85 families per day.

Photo: Cars in line for 40lb parcels of food product – 4/21/2020 at 10:40 am


The Storehouse volunteers at work on 4/21/2020

The Storehouse also has a program aimed at helping children in rural Oklahoma communities such as Adair, Strang, Kenwood, Salina, Osage, among others. For children within the areas that don’t have enough food, The Storehouse offers a backpack program where meals are given to the children at school on Fridays for them to take home, providing nourishment through the weekend. The Storehouse backpack program is currently providing over 800 backpacks per month.

As Dustin likes to say “We are blessed to be a blessing”.

As the pandemic impacted Northeast Oklahoma families, there was a concern The Storehouse food supply would be consumed, and a shortfall would occur. Dustin insisted, saying, “We’re going to open with normal hours and God will provide”. The more food they gave, the more they received through donations from the community.

With HE&M Saw’s recent donation Dustin plans to upgrade their current food cooler, which has been under stress due to increases in food volume.

HE&M Saw is proud to sponsor local charities.

NORTHSTAR can be found on Facebook here:

#AmericaTogether #TheStorehouse #HEMSaw

Customer Spotlight: PioneerIWS

America Together – Supplying HE&M Saw parts to keep American Businesses Operating

On a recent Saturday, we received an SOS of sorts from PioneerIWS in Dalton, Ohio. Their 22 year-old Twister’s gearbox required replacement to continue manufacturing COVID-19 related hospital field cots. Now, we no longer manufacture the Twister so it would seem that having a gearbox in stock would be a long shot. However, here at HE&M Saw we prioritize being able to service all of our saw models so we maintain a large inventory of replacement parts for our older and discontinued saw models— including a certain gearbox. So we answered their request bright and early Monday morning and same day shipped the gearbox for which they seemed very grateful. As we like to say at HE&M Saw, there is no ocean between you and the HE&M Saw parts needed to keep your saw operating.

“The overnight delivery of a new gear box for our 22-year old Twister band saw was critical to the production flow of manufacturing thousands of Field Hospital Cots in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Eddie Wengerd, General Manager of PIONEER.

Photo: a 22 year old HE&M Saw Twister model Band Saw, in daily production.

Pioneer Equipment, like HE&M Saw, is an American owned company with more than 40 years of manufacturing history. Pioneer Equipment manufactures farming equipment such as horse-drawn plows and carriage gears, and then evolved into additionally providing industrial workflow solutions, custom steel fabrication, etc.

When the Covid-19 outbreak struck close to home for them with 2 of the Wengerd brothers having to quarantine after exposure at a trade show, the company decided to help the efforts to counter this pandemic. Therefore, Pioneer Equipment is currently manufacturing hospital field cots to counter the hospital bed shortage.

They retooled the manufacturing facility in two weeks to be able to mass produce the cots. Pioneer is able to produce 100 cots per hour, working with many of their local companies for fabrics and other materials required in generating this volume of cots.

HE&M Saw is proud to be able to provide a level of service to our customers that is unmatched in these challenging times. Together, we are #AmericaStrong.

Project Hudson Hornet Season 2

HE&M Saw President & CEO, Doug Harris and Host, Sam Mahdavi, are putting in the work and getting the Hudson back together on Project Hudson Hornet.  See it all this season, on Sam’s Garage, featured on MotorTrend TV, MAVTV & Rev’n.  Produced by Powerscope Productions, Inc..

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Project Hudson Hornet Episodes on Youtube:

Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance Meeting

Last week, HE&M Saw was pleased to host the quarterly meeting of The Manufacturing Workforce Committee of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (OMA).

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance works with companies to create wealth and grow the state’s economy. The alliance offers technical assistance and business advice; helping companies become more innovative and successful. Through their statewide network of manufacturing extension agents and applications engineers, services focus on improving the bottom line through efficiency concepts like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. They also work to grow the entire business through new product development, service improvements, and expanding markets.

This committee—led by Sharon Harrison, Director of Workforce Development and Community Partnerships—is comprised of c-level executives from large and small manufacturers across the state. They endeavor to develop a state-wide framework for identifying and driving initiatives for manufacturer’s workforce challenges in the state of Oklahoma.

After the meetings concluded, HE&M Saw V.P. of Manufacturing, Mike Glover and Chief Engineer, Maxwell Harris led attendees on a tour of both the HE&M Saw manufacturing and assembly facilities.

New Regional Sales Manager – Max Starr

It is with great pleasure that HE&M Saw introduce our new Western Region Sales Manager, Max Starr.  Though Max makes his home in Orange County, California,  his sales territory includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Montana.

Married to wife, Janie, for over 36 years, they have one daughter. When he’s not on the road, Max enjoys spending his spare time doing a little fishing.

Max brings with him over 30 years of experience not only in sales but also in installation, repair and service in the machine tool industry.   We consider his knowledge of the sawing industry a valuable asset and welcome him to our HE&M Saw Team.

You can contact Max @ 918-530-7674 or by e-mail at

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