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Martha Swank

06-25-1956 to 02-28-2017

HE&M Saw is sad to inform you of the sudden passing of Martha Swank, our Inside Sales Manager.

Martha has been an integral part of our company for over 39 years; and she will certainly be missed.


We will be having a memorial service, a celebration of life, with spreading of ashes for Jerry and Martha Swank at the end of March or early April.  We will send out the date once a decision has been made so that anyone that would like to attend may do so.

Martha was an avid animal lover; and loved her dogs dearly.  We ask that instead of flowers, please feel free to make a donation to the SPCA for adoption of animals, or any animal organization of your choosing, in honor of Martha Swank.

Click to visit our facebook page to join the discussion about how Martha touched your life.

New H220HA-DC-C Dual Column Band Saw

HE&M Saw’s New H220HA-DC-C Dual Column Band Saw

HE&M Saw introduces the new H220HA-DC-C dual column, metal cutting, fully automatic band saw. This saw was designed with improvements that create a smoother cutting machine, greatly improved blade life, and easier to maintain. The saw’s columns are now constructed of structural tubes creating a stout arm configuration.  The column chains have been replaced with linear rails for less arm side-play. The increased stability of the arm on the H220 create a smoother running machine and will substantially increase blade life.

The guide arm slides on linear rails for smoother guide arm travel and also greater guide arm stability. The guide arm also travels with the adjustable side of the main vise so the saw operator doesn’t have to move it close to the material as the material size changes. Instead, the guide arm is moved automatically when the vise closes. We incorporated lead-in & lead-out rollers on the blade guides to reduce vibration, and this also decreases blade-fatigue and improves blade life.

The feed tables are now part of the saw so the entire unit ships as one platform. Installation is not more of a plug-n-play design. An additional benefit of this system is the feed system is more stable.

On automatic machines, the new controls include an OMRON Touch Screen with simple, easy to follow prompts that facilitate smooth operation of the saw and all of its functions. The OMRON control is available on manual saws if the optional Computer Controlled Traverse is ordered. Calibration of the saw at shift start-up is quick and easy with the touch of a button. With this new control, the operator can monitor by touch screen all the inputs coming into the PLC such as switches, limit switches, and encoder inputs. Likewise with the outputs going out of the PLC, digital signals and solenoid outputs can be monitored. “Panic Situations” can be monitored to see what caused the specific situation (broken blade, panic push button, open wheel door, etc.) Communication between each remote PLC module can be monitored to track down if a remote module goes bad. The HE&M Saw touch screen is durable and dependable. The saw can also be operated by preset cutting rate and blade speed if needed. Service of the control is now easier than ever, saving the customer money should the need for service occur. Our techs can plug their laptops into the control and provide program updates and get more detailed diagnostic analysis.


The screens on the new control are clear and easy to follow. For example, the different types of material that the customer is working with are listed on the top of the screen, organizing the customer’s program list. There is storage for 1,000 jobs and 100 series (multiple step jobs).

The H220HA-DC-C has a 22” W x 22” capacity and uses a 2” blade. The H220 has clean and simple touch screen controls that make programming and running jobs in automatic easy. Previous jobs can be saved and reloaded any time. The saw’s bar-feed has a cylinder powered, 0-24” multiple index feed with rollers all-the-way-through the feed table. There are spacer plates in-between the rollers to prevent parts from dropping down into the feed table. On the output side the saw has a 24” solid discharge table for handling of material after the cut.

H220HA-DC-C Saw Spec Page

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