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Lowell Bennett Motorsports

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Lowell Bennett is a second-generation driver who knew he wanted to race since he was a young boy helping on his dad’s race car. When he was seventeen years old he bought his dad’s 1972 Chevelle and started his dirt-racing career at Shawano Speedway in 1976. He won that very first race he competed in and has dominated ever since.

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Lowell juggles time between his family, a successful car business, Bennett’s Auto, Inc., and his racing. His wife, Sue, and his three children are certainly proud of Lowell’s success at the track and also the success of his auto business. Offering a wide range of used automobiles and an auto service center since 1982 in Neenah, Wisconsin, Lowell has managed to find enough time to have built a successful racing career as well, and has raced at over 30 different tracks and in 10 different racing series. He has amassed 27 major championships so far over his racing career.

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Lowell’s personal investment of time and tireless effort to achieve great success in business and racing has taught him that utilizing quality tools helps create and retain that success. That’s why when he first encountered the HEM Saw products booth at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in November of 2010, Lowell recognized the quality of the bandsaw being represented there and made the decision then to purchase the HEM NG120 Utility Band Saw. Visiting the booth last year at the PRI 2017 Show in Indianapolis, he shared his appreciation for the quality of the saw he purchased 7 years ago with others who were considering making the same decision. He states that the NG120 has performed very well over the past 7 years and we are certain it will continue to do so. Lowell says he would highly recommend this saw to anyone and he would not want his shop to be without it. Lowell has used it to do everything from small plumbing and other repairs around the house up to building $50,000 race cars

HE&M Saw congratulates Lowell and Lowell Bennett Motorsports for building and maintaining an extremely successful racing program. We hope in some small way we were able to help in his efforts and we also thank Lowell for being a happy HEM Saw customer.

Lowell Bennett Motorsports