The Storehouse – Charity Spotlight

The Storehouse – Charity Spotlight

The NORTHSTAR Church Food Program, also known as The Storehouse, is located in Pryor, OK and is managed by the assistant pastor, Dustin Evans and his wife Megan. The Storehouse’s recent efforts in support of the COVID-19 pandemic struggles are to be commended.

The Storehouse program began several years ago. The program has increased in size substantially over the past two years; initially feeding approximately 7 families per day, then 50 families per day, and with onset of COVID-19, they are currently feeding 85 families per day.

Photo: Cars in line for 40lb parcels of food product – 4/21/2020 at 10:40 am


The Storehouse volunteers at work on 4/21/2020

The Storehouse also has a program aimed at helping children in rural Oklahoma communities such as Adair, Strang, Kenwood, Salina, Osage, among others. For children within the areas that don’t have enough food, The Storehouse offers a backpack program where meals are given to the children at school on Fridays for them to take home, providing nourishment through the weekend. The Storehouse backpack program is currently providing over 800 backpacks per month.

As Dustin likes to say “We are blessed to be a blessing”.

As the pandemic impacted Northeast Oklahoma families, there was a concern The Storehouse food supply would be consumed, and a shortfall would occur. Dustin insisted, saying, “We’re going to open with normal hours and God will provide”. The more food they gave, the more they received through donations from the community.

With HE&M Saw’s recent donation Dustin plans to upgrade their current food cooler, which has been under stress due to increases in food volume.

HE&M Saw is proud to sponsor local charities.

NORTHSTAR can be found on Facebook here:

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