Cross Transfers

Continuous Chain Transfer System:

Offered as the standard system with approximately 10′ of storage (minus width of the conveyor)

•    Transfer arms lift, and material is transferred by continuous chain.
•    Transfer arms pivot from one end.
•    Up to 4,000 lbs static load per arm.
•    Storage capacity is 10’6” minus the width of the conveyor.
•    Includes a vertical alignment roller for the in-feed arms.
•    Heavier-duty cycle applications available.

Lift & Carry Truck Transfer System:

Cross Transfers and Stage II Conveyors Video

Offered as the standard 3 Leg System with 16′ of storage (minus width of the conveyor), or the 2 Leg System with 10′ of storage (minus width of the conveyor)

•    Transfer arms are constructed of heavy ½” x 10” or ¾” x 10” plate-steel side rails.
•    The rails contain a lift and carry truck, between the rails, to transport the material onto the conveyor.
•    Each lift and carry truck is capable of lifting and transporting 5,000 lbs.
•    The lift and carry truck is raised with air bags
•    Using this style of transfer arm negates the need for load rails, being a one-piece contained unit with the transfer truck located between the heavy plate-rails used for staging.
•    Vertical alignment rollers are included with in-feed cross transfer arms and are 6” diameter x .312″ wall DOM tubing mounted with Class 5 precision ground and sealed bearings.
•    The roller is up to 24” tall.
•    The rails have a static load rating of 10,000 or 15,000 lbs. per arm.
•    Hydraulic Lift & Carry Truck Transfers are Optional.


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