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Eddy Mills

Mills Machine

Ponder, TX

I have been around band saws since 1982 and I saw HE&M Saws at another shop and was amazed at how they ran all the time. As soon as my old saw went down, I purchased my first HE&M Saw, an H90A-4 and it has run well for me for years. It never goes down and any time there was a problem I didn’t even need a service tech. HE&M was able to get me up over the phone. The parts and service are good and the saw is high quality. Since then I purchased another saw, a Sidewinder A-1 and it is just as dependable as the H90-4. I did look at competitors when I purchased these; but it was obvious that HE&M Saw was the way to go. I cut 24 hours a day on the H90-4 and the accuracy is still there and it just keeps cutting straight with no deviation. The blade life is also so good. On the H90A-4 I only use mist and that alone has doubled my blade life. On the Sidewinder I use coolant because I am cutting aluminum on that saw. I would certainly recommend HE&M Saw to my friends. In fact, I did recommend that my friend buy one if he was going to purchase a saw and now his saw works so well for him that I no longer do his cutting for him.
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