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Guy Hopkins

H&H Welding & Machine, Inc.

Salix, LA

I bought a HEM H90 saw 8-10 years ago. I am now semi-retired and enjoy working in my repair/fab/machine shop alone. I worked all over the country for 40+ years in heavy industry. I have used a number of different shop saws. The HEM 90 is just incredibly accurate, fast and idiot proof. HEM makes cutting metal fun and worry free. And AMERICAN made! My HEM was $1000 more than the nearest competitor and worth every little old red cent. The HEM feed rate system gives incredible accuracy and loooong blade life. Cheap at any rate! One other thing I found unusual was one day a rep from HEM showed up at my shop soon after delivery to give me a thorough going over on the saw. Thanks again for such a fine product.
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