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Success Stories

Matt Taylor

EAL Manufacturing

Dallas, TX

EAL Manufacturing produces products related to concrete paving, warehouse concrete slabs, and other related products such as welded dowel assemblies, tie-bars, rebar, smooth round dowel bars, keyway, and string line accessories for paving machines. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years between different companies in the industry and have had the pleasure to see first-hand the advantages of using circular saws over band saws. Simply purchasing a circular saw over a band saw in our particular cutting process has increased our daily production, especially on larger diameter bars. Within this time, I have also been able to compare the differences in equipment and serviceability between HEM SAW Inc. and their competitors in the circular saw industry. Overall the HEM SAW’S KTC-70EHC with the bundle loader has had less downtime. The KTC 70 is built stronger and more durable than other products I have seen in production. I also appreciate the quick response time from HEM SAW, and/or Kentai. Most importantly, HEM SAW provides excellent bilingual training and follow-up to help us meet our cutting goals. HEM SAW’S key people are committed to providing the service after the sale to make sure the equipment works as represented. It is obvious to me now that HEM SAW’S edge in the circular saw business is their direct in-house factory service and their engineering knowledge with over 50 years in the sawing industry. I was not familiar with Kentai, but of all the foreign circular saws brought to the U.S., they have truly selected a quality product. They have the service infrastructure from their American made band saw business to stand behind this equipment, an important point to protect their name. After purchasing through HEM SAW I have realized that they would not represent a product that would jeopardize their reputation in providing equipment that is built to last. Their saw meets or exceeds our production requirements, while having excellent American serviceability and customer service. If I were to make the purchase again, I would purchase another from HEM SAW.
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