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Sam's Garage Update

Alpha One GTO

Sam’s Garage Update! - HE&M Saw President & CEO, Doug Harris and Host, Sam Mahdavi, are back with a new project for 2021! In this Season of Sam’s Garage, they will complete a build on a rare Alpha One 250 GTO. This is a Ferrari 250 GTO replica, and will be powered by a high performance 302 Ford motor, once owned by Doug Harris’ brother, Bill Harris. Some might say this is a new spin on Ford vs. Ferrari. As for coupling a Ford motor with a Ferrari replica car, Doug says “If you can’t beat them, join them” – a little car humor, for those that know the history between Ford and Ferrari racing at LeMans during the 1960s.


Don’t forget to watch, or set your DVR for Sam’s Garage on MotorTrend TV Saturdays @ 9:00 am EST. See it all this season, on Sam's Garage, featured on MotorTrend TV, MAVTV & Rev'n. Produced by Powerscope Productions, Inc..

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