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Dual Column Band Saws

Product Description

The DC22M band saw is operated using a touch screen that is mounted in a swing-away console. A full-stroking spilt vise that positions automatically with the powered guide arm, patented Cut Watcher® system, and chip auger are standard and many optional features are available.

Technical Highlights

  • Main Capacity: 0-22" W x 0-22" H
  • Bar-feed: N/A
  • Blade: 21' 0" L x 2" H x .063"
  • Motor: 10 HP
  • Hydraulic Motor: 10 HP
  • Operation: Semi-Automatic

Machine Information

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  Dual Column Band Saws: DC22M
Rectangular Capacity 0-22" W x 0-22" H
Square Capacity 0-22" (Square)
Round Capacity 0-22" (Diameter)
Bar-feed N/A
Motor 10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 10 HP
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Power Source Hydraulic
Weight N/A
Blade Type Bandsaw
Blade Size 21' 0" L x 2" H x .063"
Bandsaw Blade Speed N/A
Bundle Cut? No
Dual Column Band Saws: DC22M
  • Swing-Away Control Console w/ 7" Touch Screen
  • 24" Solid Discharge Table
  • Full-Stroking Split Main Vise
  • Adjustable Clamping Force
  • Carbide Blade Guides
  • Lead In/Lead Out Roller Guides
  • Passive "Cut Watcher®" System
  • Guide Arm Moves in Conjunction w/ Main Vise
  • Variable Blade Speed w/ Readout on Touch Screen
  • Powered Blade Tension
  • Adjustable Feed Rate
  • Adjustable Cutting Pressure
  • Chip/Swarf Removal System - Chip Auger
  • Coolant System - Flood w/ Wash-Down Hose
  • Blade Brush
  • Two-Hand Operation Controls
  • Broken Blade Function
  • Automatic Blade Idle
  • Blade Change Interlock
  • Safety Guards
  • 220V/3PH or 440V/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement - This is Not a Dual Voltage Machine
Dual Column Band Saws: DC22M
  • Top Clamp - Full Capacity Main Vise
  • Top Clamp - Full Capacity Outboard Vise
  • Vise - Outboard Powered on Discharge
  • 36" Roller Load Table w/ Filler Plates
  • Roller Discharge Table (in Lieu of Solid)
  • Laser Light System
  • Pedestal Mounted Control Console
  • Roll-Around Control Console
  • Spray Mist Lubrication
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Hydraulic Tank Heater
  • 10' Powered Roller Stock Table
  • 10' Idle Roller Stock Table
  • 5' Idle Roller Stock Table
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