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Structural Steel Services Testimonial


EAL Manufacturing – Matt Taylor – Dallas, TX

EAL Manufacturing produces products related to concrete paving, warehouse concrete slabs, and other related products such as welded dowel assemblies, tie-bars, rebar, smooth round dowel bars, keyway, and string line accessories for paving machines. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years between different companies in the industry and have had the pleasure to see first-hand the advantages of using circular saws over band saws. Simply purchasing a circular saw over a band saw in our particular cutting process has increased our daily production, especially on larger diameter bars. Within this time, I have also been able to compare the differences in equipment and serviceability between HEM SAW Inc. and their competitors in the circular saw industry. Overall the HEM SAW’S KTC-70EHC with the bundle loader has had less downtime. The KTC 70 is built stronger and more durable than other products I have seen in production. I also appreciate the quick response time from HEM SAW, and/or Kentai. Most importantly, HEM SAW provides excellent bilingual training and follow-up to help us meet our cutting goals. HEM SAW’S key people are committed to providing the service after the sale to make sure the equipment works as represented. It is obvious to me now that HEM SAW’S edge in the circular saw business is their direct in-house factory service and their engineering knowledge with over 50 years in the sawing industry. I was not familiar with Kentai, but of all the foreign circular saws brought to the U.S., they have truly selected a quality product. They have the service infrastructure from their American made band saw business to stand behind this equipment, an important point to protect their name. After purchasing through HEM SAW I have realized that they would not represent a product that would jeopardize their reputation in providing equipment that is built to last. Their saw meets or exceeds our production requirements, while having excellent American serviceability and customer service.

If I were to make the purchase again, I would purchase another from HEM SAW.

Structural Steel Services – Roy Chacon – El Paso, TX

The first brand new pieces of equipment they were able to purchase were a forklift, and an HE&M Cyclone Band Saw. Roy says the Cyclone was instrumental in their success and as they continued to gain a solid reputation for quality work and operating with high integrity and solid  business ethics. Soon they also grew out of their rented space. Maggie and Roy were able to find 3½ acres of vacant land and after purchasing it began building the beautiful facility they now occupy, making the move into their new facility on October 31, 2008.

As jobs came in, were completed and delivered, larger opportunities presented themselves. When the University of Texas El Paso contracted them to build a pedestrian bridge that spanned a roadway, Roy knew they would need a larger saw and HE&M was happy to supply them with a much larger model, an H160XLM Dual Column. Roy says they can run it all day and all night if needed.

“HE&M Saw has been integral to our success”, Roy states, “and we appreciate the quality you build into the saws you manufacture because we depend on it every day for our own success”.

Mills Machine – Eddy Mills – Ponder, TX

I have been around band saws since 1982 and I saw HE&M Saws at another shop and was amazed at how they ran all the time. As soon as my old saw went down, I purchased my first HE&M Saw, an H90A-4 and it has run well for me for years. It never goes down and any time there was a problem I didn’t even need a service tech. HE&M was able to get me up over the phone. The parts and service are good and the saw is high quality. Since then I purchased another saw, a Sidewinder A-1 and it is just as dependable as the H90-4. I did look at competitors when I purchased these; but it was obvious that HE&M Saw was the way to go.

I cut 24 hours a day on the H90-4 and the accuracy is still there and it just keeps cutting straight with no deviation.

The blade life is also so good. On the H90A-4 I only use mist and that alone has doubled my blade life. On the Sidewinder I use coolant because I am cutting aluminum on that saw.

I would certainly recommend HE&M Saw to my friends. In fact, I did recommend that my friend buy one if he was going to purchase a saw and now his saw works so well for him that I no longer do his cutting for him.

Purvis Forest Products, Inc. – Wendell Hudson – Purvis, MS
On behalf of myself and all my employees and customers, I want to thank you and your company for the excellent workmanship on the saw we purchased from you. From beginning to completion, you and your people worked to build the machine to our needs, which are different than most. And with all the combined expertise you all have, it went off flawlessly. We found no one else out there to match your hands-on willingness to be involved, as well as the value for the quality you produce. It is a pleasure to know you and to have worked with you on this project. I look forward to many years of productivity from this well-built machine, which in fact, has already doubled our production at this point, while saving on the number of saw blades used per cut. I would recommend HE&M Saw to anyone who appreciates well-built machinery and quality workmanship.

H&H Welding & Machine, Inc. – Guy Hopkins – Salix, LA
I bought a  HEM H90 saw 8-10 years ago. I am now semi-retired and enjoy working in my repair/fab/machine shop alone. I worked all over the country for 40+ years in heavy industry. I have used a number of different shop saws. The HEM 90 is just incredibly accurate, fast and idiot proof. HEM makes cutting metal fun and worry free. And AMERICAN made! My HEM was $1000 more than the nearest competitor and worth every little old red cent. The HEM  feed rate system gives incredible  accuracy and loooong blade life. Cheap at any rate!  One other thing I found unusual was one day a rep from HEM showed up at my shop soon after delivery to give me a thorough going over on the saw. Thanks again for such a fine product.

Gary Foster – Tucson, AZ
I bought a Femi band saw from you guys and I just LOVE it. I use it approximately every other day and it continually amazes me. It does what it is advertised to do, and it does what it is supposed to do. At first, I thought it was too much money but it is unbelievable what is does and it is worth twice what I paid. Once you get over the sticker shock, it is amazing what this saw does. I am so happy with this saw and it is a wonderful thing to finally run across honest advertising.

Mark Dietz, Operations Manager – Fox Metals & Alloys – Houston, TX
Use coolant sounds like a simple operation. However, anyone charged with the task of finding a coolant that really works and does not turn rancid or cause corrosion can tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. Factors like concentration, pH, water hardness, tramp oils, aeration, organic materials and chip build-up can make the task seem insurmountable. In the past we have used the ‘pink’; it developed a foul odor and caused skin irritation. Soluble oils; the saws loved it but the operators hated it because the oil got on everything and they had to remove it to tag the material (it also developed odor). Semi-synthetic; it developed odor and had some rust issues. We used biocides, anti-corrosion additives or sump cleaners with limited success. A year ago we started using HEM’s Eliminator II 201 Synthetic. Wow, we made it through one of the hottest summers ever without foul odor, rust additives or sump cleaners; this stuff did it all by itself. And it’s cost effective; we are using a 16:1 concentration compared to 10:1 used in the past. Finally, a coolant without issues.

HM Dunn Aerospace – Chris Ross – St. Louis, MO
A quick note to update you on our V140HM-60. You know that we could have bought a much cheaper saw made somewhere in Asia, but instead we opted for the best quality machine available. I am SO GLAD that we went “first class”!! The saw has been running 5 days per week, approx. 15 hours a day. We’re cutting 10” thick blocks of 6AL-4V Titanium. With everything “dialed in”, the operation is SWEET. Smooth, quiet, straight. We’re running Lenox Carbide blades. They LAST AND LAST. Of course, how we treat the blade is key. We have a young man who is ON IT and we’ve been able to run a single blade for 10 days or more, with good results. That’s a whole lot of square inches per dollar. So here’s the deal: If you ever have a customer that is thinking about using a HEM Saw for cutting hard metals, have him give me a call. I’ll give him the straight scoop. The saw is everything it is advertised to be. Please share this note with the guys and gals who designed, fabricated, assembled, inspected, and delivered this machine. They should be proud of their work!

USC LLC – Mark Winkler – Sabetha, KS
I wanted everyone to know that our HEM saw has now been cutting straight and accurately for over two months. I would like to thank all the service people and engineers from HEM SAW who have worked on it over the last two plus years. I can not recall all of you but I appreciate all of your efforts. A big huzzah for Joe Purtle  for being consistent in returning my phone calls.

FNA Groups – Rick Hickson
Companies always hear about the problems with their service, or the product. I have sent a few emails, and made calls complaining myself. That is why when a company gets it right, I like to tell them about it; and HEM SAW has done it right!  The new saw (Cyclone A-4) we purchased has exceeded our expectations; great product, outstanding customer service, and Tech. support.

Carolina Fabricators – Butch Fortier
To the HE&M Team – I just wanted to thank you for your expedient response to the problem that I had with my saw. Although the part that I needed was not a major issue that required me to have the part the next day, I was very impressed that your company treated this situation in such a manner. I was as equally impressed with the technical support that I had received from Scott Eastwood. Services like this is what puts a company like yours above the rest. Thank you again and keep up the good work; I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

M&S Muffler Shop – Claremore, OK
NG120 Testimonial Video Click Here

Carter Kustom – Steve Carter
NG120 Endorsement Video  Click Here

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association – Kirk Jones
I have to say that the NG120 saw is simply amazing! After the quick and easy setup we immediately started putting it through its paces on two of our current hot rod projects and it has been used everyday since. It operates smoother and more precisely than any saw we have ever used. Adjusting the speed of the blade or angle of the cut is simple, accessible and immediate. I was very surprised at how light the NG120 is and how easy it is to move and start cutting again. The saw’s adjustability, portability and precision all combine to make a saw that should be in every shop from hobby to professional. In short…WOW!

Street Rodder – Jim Rizzo
The NG120 has become one of my most frequently used tools I own in just the short amount of time I’ve had it.  When I first saw a demo on the NG120 at the Grand National Roadster Show, I realized this saw was easily  far superior to my fullsize bandsaw.  The NG120 is so accurate that I can honestly make perfectly straight cuts every time.  Dollar for dollar, the HE&M/Femi bandsaw is the best a fabricator can get.   Street Rodder Article on the Femi NG120  Click Here

Patrick Nesbitt – Portland, OR
I have taught school for over 30 years all in shop situations.  I have used many bandsaws in constructioning everything from tractors to Gatling guns and have never seen a small saw that can cut a slice parallel enough to not need any further machining.  I can make my own washers, or cut a piece of plastic for shim or zoom through a chunk of tubing in record time.  I first thought the price was a little high, but after using the NG120, I found it worth every penny.

ATI Wah Chang, David W. Liles – Albany, OR
I purchased a vertical saw December 11,1996. The saw is outside and we have a lot of adverse weather here. The saw has performed beyond expectations in the weld repair shop at this company. I would recommend our company get the same kind of saw for replacement.
Thanks, David W. Liles

Paragon Industries, Inc., Rod Haro
A HE&M Saw customer, Rod Haro at Paragon Industries, Inc. had a gear box failure on his HE&M Saw F130 Band Saw.  Mr. Haro writes, “On Monday, June 16, 2003, I contacted Scott Eastwood, HE&M Saw Service Technician, and he went out of his way to help get a gear box so that I could get running.”  At approximately 7:00 p.m. on June 16, Scott received a call from Mr. Haro.  Scott contacted Rick Gwartney, a HE&M Saw Parts Coordinator, and asked him if he could help.  Rick immediately went into the office, got the part number and customer information and called Mike Daniels, a Saw Builder, to see if he would open the manufacturing facility so that he could get the part needed for our customer.  Mike opened the plant for Rick, located the correct gearbox for the saw, and filled it with oil.  Rick then drove to meet Mr. Haro and delivered the part.  Rick arrived back home at midnight.  Our customer was up and in production the very next day.  Mr. Haro wrote HE&M Saw to say, “I would like to thank everyone that took part in getting the gear box for me.”

Car-Mon Products, Elgin, IL
We have had our HE&M Saw for several years.  It is a very versatile and productive machine.  We use this saw daily in multiple and single part runs.  We are very pleased with our saw’s performance. – Richard Lang-Vice-President Manufacturing

A&N Corporation, Williston, FL
A&N Corporation of Williston, Florida is an expanding business participating in a highly competitive market.  They manufacture ultra-high vacuum component parts, ball valves, right angle valves, flanges, and other parts for the research/development industry including universities and the semi-conductor industry.  They purchased their metal already cut, but when the metal provider could not keep up with A&N’s demand, A&N decided to open their own saw shop and the first saw they purchased was a HE&M Saw H130.  The original purchasing decision was swayed heavily by the desire on the part of the owner to buy an American made saw.  The decision has proved to be a good one since the H130 paid for itself within a year.
A&N’s metal requirement has continued to expand and their saw shop has grown in the past five years from 5 people to 40 people and from one H130 to five HE&M Saws.  A&N now uses two H130s to cut cut all different sizes of 340L Stainless up to 14″; one H90A to cut bars into lengths for the CNC machine; one V100LA-3 to cut tubing; and the CT2000HA-DC to cut the harder stainless material.
A&N did comparison shop for their saws.  They had a competitor’s saw in house for a 30-day trial.  A&N also spoke with Bob Arthur of Arthur Machinery in Tampa, FL, who demonstrated the efficiency and profitability of the HE&M Saw line.  They found that the HE&M Saws were more user friendly, faster cutting and easier to load.  The HE&M Saw also required less labor to operate.  Greg Hurst of A&N says, ” The HE&M Saws are so reliable and easy to operate that we just start then up, walk away and let them run.”  The CT2000HA-DC improved A&N’s productivity because it is able to hold larger bars, is computer controlled, and cuts at faster speeds.  When cutting 304L stainless solid bar, they maintain a standard cutting rate of 3-1/2 sq. in. per minute on the H130 and 5 sq. in. per minute on the CT2000HA-DC.  At these rates blade life has been impressive.  A&N has discovered  that the chip auger on the HE&M is a better feature than on competitor’s machines.  It keeps the chips out of the cutting area and does not get clogged as other saws tend to do.
When asked if A&N will purchase another saw, Greg said, “It will definitely be a HE&M Saw.  Their service is unbeatable.  The saws require very little service but when they do, the Service Techs at HE&M Saw are reliable and knowledgeable.  No repeat calls are necessary.”  Greg was very satisfied with the service he receives and was pleasantly surprised to find that the HE&M Saw Technician stops by occasionally just to see that everything is going all right.  A&N will consider purchasing another H130 or CT2000 in the future as their business expands further.

Grimm Metal Fab, Lombard, IL
My company cuts anything and everything day-in and day-out.  We notch, cope, and production cut.  We have twelve different operators that can run this saw.  It’s performance is flawless. – Bud Bueshing-Owner


Fox Metals & Alloys

Fox Metals & Alloys