Eliminator Metalworking Fluids

The Purpose of Metalworking Coolant:
• Removal of heat from the cutting tool and work piece
• Quality improvement of the work piece by continual removal of chips from the tool and cutting zone

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Hemsaw Eliminator Synthetic 201

Synthetic 201

Jobs that require a clean surface for following processes such as welding or painting.
• Leaves minimal residue
• Oil-Rejecting formula
• Non-Staining – safe to use on all metals

Hemsaw Eliminator Semi-Synthetic 202

Semi-Synthetic 202

This Multi-Purpose fluid is suitable for most all cutting and machining processes.  With a partial oil base, the Semi-Synthetic will cut the harder metals, but still retain the cleanliness of the synthetic.
• Does not contain chlorine, nitrates, phenols, or DEA
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Superior resistance to microbial degredation

Hemsaw Eliminator Water Soluble 103

Water Soluble 103

This Premium Multi-Purpose fluid is suitable for most all cutting and machining processes.
• High Oil Content for More Lubricity
• Leaves Corrosion Protection Film
• Low Foaming Characteristics

Hemsaw Eliminator Spray Mist 204

Spray Mist 204

Designed for use in Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems where “flooding” the metal with coolant is not desired or needed.
• Organic oil base
• Contains no chlorine or sulfur
• Minimal residue


Hemsaw Eliminator Sump Cleaner 205

Sump Cleaner 205

Sump Cleaner is specifically formulated for the cleaning of machines where water miscible coolants are being used.  The cleaner facilitates the removal of deposits in coolant lines and inaccessible areas of the machine where bacteria breed.
• Use at a 1:20 for heavily contamination or 1:30 for mild
• Use as a tank-side additive as well.


Hemsaw Eliminator Rust Inhibitor 206

Rust Remover 206

Rust Inhibitor is an environmentally friendly rust remover that provides long term corrosion protection on metal surfaces.
• Non-toxic, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable
• Easy to dispose of
• Safe and pleasant for workers to handle
• Replaces strong acids used in pickling baths
• Eliminates sand blasting of rusted parts
• No DOT restrictions or labeling requirements
Use Instructions


Hemsaw Eliminator Anti-Spatter 107

Anti-Spatter 107

Anti-Spatter is formulated to provide excellent protection against spatter adhesion to nozzles, torch tips, and work fixtures.
• May be sprayed, brushed, or dipped onto the welding area.


Hemsaw Eliminator Anti-Spatter 207

Anti-Spatter 207

Anti-Spatter is formulated to provide excellent protection against spatter adhesion to nozzles, torch tips, and work fixtures.
• Leaves light lubricant layer for protection in multipass welds
• Does not contain any types of solvents, ozone depletors, or silicone
• Can be removed with water, alcohol, or any mild alkaline cleaner
• Also suitable for use in robotic torches or plasma tables


Hemsaw Turbo Drill 111

Turbo Drill 111

A 100% Ultra Synthetic, Oil Free fluid, specially formulated for Drilling Applications
• Provides corrosion protection and leaves little, or no residue
• Enhances tool life and is safe to use on all metals

Hemsaw High-Speed Cutting Fluid 210

High-Speed Cutting Fluid 210

High-Speed Cutting Fluid is straight cutting oil for excellent performance in screw machines, honing, turning, and spray mist cutting.
• Low viscosity vegetable-based straight cutting oil
• No hazardous volatile organic compounds
• Low toxicity, low odor, and operatory friendly
• Reduce HSE issues, such as dermatitis
• High flash point, reduced smoke and misting
• Excellent Lubricity and film strengths
• Decreased fluid disposal costs

Hemsaw Eliminator Exotics Plus 212

Exotics Plus 212

Specially blended synthetic lubricant for the cutting and machining of exotic metals.
• Halogen free
• Oil rejecting formula
• Provides excellent corrosion protection


Hemsaw Eliminator Semi-Synthetic Hybrid 213

Semi-Synthetic Hybrid 213

A semi-synthetic hybrid metalworking fluid formulation that is an excellent replacement for soluble oil applications.
• Biostable formulation maintains pH levels and helps to eliminate foul odors
• Small particle size for better dispersion and coverage
• Improved lubricant film strength covers tool surface for increased tool life


Hemsaw Low Temp 132

Low Temp 132

A 100% Synthetic Low Temp, Oil Free Metalworking Fluid
• Can be used in ALL machining applications
• Rated for as low as – 56° F
• Can be used neat or diluted with water

Multipurpose Cleaner 214

This Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner designed for use on hard surfaces, concrete, metals, wood, carpet, and glass.
• Concentrated industrial strength cleaner and degreaser
• Non-abrasive
• Effective for use in both cold and hot water
• Orange citrus odor
• Converts oil and grease to soap to prevent redepositing on clean surfaces
• Cost effective concentrated solution can be diluted up to 120:1 depending on the severity or operation
• A variety of application methods available; mop, brush, soak tank, pressure sprayer, or floor scrubber

Hemsaw Refractometer 701

Refractometer 701

Designed to provide quick and easy measurements of coolant concentrations.  Range to ratio scale provided with spec sheets of each type of coolant.


HydroMaster 806

HydroMaster 806

• Designed to automatically mix coolant to the desired ratio.
• Allows the user to easily use the coolant without having to guess the ratio of the fluid mixed.
• The HydroMaster is placed in the coolant container and attached to the water source.  When operated, water flows through the HydroMaster causing a vacuum which pulls the coolant into the line automatically mixing solution to desired ratio.

Eliminator Metalworking Fluids are available in a variety of sizes.
Please contact HE&M Saw for details at 888-729-7787.


Synthetic: Synthetics are made up of water and water soluble additives.  They derive their lubricity from surfactants or soap type additives.  Synthetics off a cleaner environment and little residue left on the work piece.

Semi-Synthetic: Semi-Synthetics contain a low to moderate portion of oil (2-30%) as well as water soluble additives.  Semi-Synthetics give the best of both worlds with the cleanliness of the synthetics, and the corrosion protection and added lubricity of petroleum oil.

Soluble Oil: Soluble Oils contain 60-90% petroleum, or mineral oil along with emulsifiers and other water soluble additives.  Soluble Oils offer improved cooling and lubrication due to the blending of oil and water.  They will also leave a protective film on machine parts, tool, and work piece.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Flyers:

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